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Why Trinity County?…Why Not !


Starting a business in a small town has its upsides. Firstly, smaller capital and lower overhead is required to start a business. And secondly, it’s easier to organize a business in a small town where people know each other. It is a known fact that the economy of rural areas is not as buoyant as urban areas, yet many small business owners are still running viable, profitable businesses from such rural areas.  http://www.mytopbusinessideas.com/rural-small-towns/


There are resources available to provide expertise and give individual help to those who wish to establish or move a business to Trinity County.  They can walk you through the process step-by-step and make the time to do it:




A well-coordinated permit and planning process, and a business friendly atmosphere, contribute to the ease of opening or locating a business. Business licenses are not required within the county. A county-wide Chamber of Commerce, as well as individual community and service organizations, promote an active business environment.



The Federal government provides assistance to rural businesses.  One key set of the Administration’s policies for rural America are programs to help businesses grow and flourish in rural areas. These policies include supporting small businesses, jump-starting the transition to clean energy, and new opportunities for rural tourism and recreation.