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Our Vision

The Trinity County Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to being the leading catalyst for creating a cooperative, productive, and prosperous community.

Our Mission

  • To improve the business climate, economy and quality of life in Trinity County
  • To sustain, promote, and grow business; and enhance the quality of life in Trinity County

Our Guiding Principles

Through our vision and mission, we work hard to:

  • Demonstrate a valuable return on investment to our members
  • Advocate for and serve as a watchdog for business
  • Promote a healthy business environment throughout Trinity County
  • Forge alliances to enhance the business climate and quality of life
  • Stay committed to organizational excellence and our vision, mission and goals
  • Engage and involve a diverse membership reflective of our community
  • Maintain genuine working relationships with all other community organizations
  • Promote positive, professional relationships with the Board of Supervisors and other government entities at all levels