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For a Trinity County business owner, the arrival of the Weaverville 24 bike race in Weaverville is an unique and exciting opportunity to market your business. Riders and support crews from around the world will be in Trinity County for at least a week and will be in need of products and services.

The race will run the weekend of Oct 3 and 4, 2015, with events and activities scheduled for the weeks before and after.

Weaverville, California has been the location for mountain bike races since the earliest days of the sport; the LaGrange Classic was first held in the 80’s!  Endurance races have been held on the world class trails of the Weaver Basin Trail System since 2002.  The International Mountain Biking Association has helped in designing and preparing the trails for the use of casual users, amateur and professional riders  of downhill and single track trails.

Thanks to courses that boast some of the best single-track in the Western United States–from solid climbs to fun and curvy downhills–these events have been riders’ favorites.